Noel Martin

Contact Name: 
Noel Martin
Mailing Address: 
419-8th Avenue "A" East Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 6S8
Postal Code: 
N4K 6S8
Physical Address: 
419-8th Avenue "A" East Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 6S8

Noel came screaming into the world on a cold January morning in the little town of Lewisporte, Newfoundland. Creative from as far back as he can recall, amongst his earliest memories are those of drawing cartoon characters from comic books even before he began attending school. Today he credits his drawing and painting skills to natural talent which has been enhanced by constant practice and doodling which he always indulges in whenever there is a pen and paper near. While spending almost his entire adult life in Ontario, Noel’s working career, however, was not in the field of art. Although enjoying it as a hobby, it was not until after retirement that he would turn to oil painting with such passion. He has often been described as a narrative painter and his beautiful paintings reflect his life experiences in a wide variety of subject matter. Noel’s paintings are known for their feeling and vivid realism. Stare at them long enough and you are transported to the source. Such is the power of painted poetry. He also enjoys writing poetry and has had some of his work published.

These days Noel’s paintings can be viewed at the ARTINMARTIN Studios, 419-8th Avenue "A" East (by chance or appointment). His paintings have been featured several times on the cover of Ontario's...Curious, The Tourist Guide and the Owen Sound Banners.

He is a member of the Tom Thompson Gallery in Owen Sound.

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