Liz Zetlin

Contact Name: 
Liz Zetlin
Mailing Address: 
RR 1 Markdale, N0C 1H0
Postal Code: 
N0C 1H0

A visual artist before she became a poet, Liz roams the landscape, searching for ways to combine image and word.

Sometimes a sixty-foot-long parentheses of prairie cord grass morphs into a poem. Or stalking the limestone barrens of Canada and Ireland produces digital ghazals.

Other times, admiration evolves into video docu-poems of other poets’ work (Don McKay, Marlene Creates, Judy Lowry). Her videos have been exhibited in national & international galleries and film festivals.

She’s Owen Sound’s inaugural Poet Laureate; co-artistic director of the Words Aloud Spoken Word Festival ( and co-producer of the Festival Feature Documentary. Archive and Educational DVD.

Author of three poetry collections and numerous chapbooks, her most recent is “Addictions of a Poet Laureate.” She lives in Traverston, Ontario.

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