City Symphonies

2010-07-24 20:00
2010-07-24 22:00

From July 22 to 25, the Durham Art Gallery is presenting a series of staggering film and music events. Magic and the supernatural, fiction and documentary, classic and contemporary, real and surreal: all are being blended together in these four days of cinematic extravaganza and musical ventures!

Saturday evening we will visit the Durham Town Hall to hear Kitchener based musician Mark Willms playing an exciting music score to the scenic shots and portrayed people of Durham in 1949 (Stars of the Town series). The auditory stimuli to Dziga Vertov’s outstanding avant-garde documentary Man with a Movie Camera (1929) has been provided by contemporary composer Michael Nyman whose energetic and sensitive music turns Vertov’s mesmerizing film into an acoustic poem.

A full schedule, timetable, directions and accommodation is available online at
For any further information about the festival, please contact Alisha Skinner at the Durham Art Gallery at 519.369.3692 or email

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